Baked Avocado with An Egg in It

IMG_5008While going through my old photos the other day, I came across this picture which made me giggle.

It all started from the whim of cooking the avocado and the eggs I had left in the fridge. I was lucky enough to have found this recipe of baked eggs in avocado from here. I followed all the steps except the bacon and toast thing. I thought I might substitute them with the mint and tomato I had. And I had this dish for dinner instead of breakfast as most people would do.

The image of a sun-bathing flower just appeared like that, without previous planning. The white cloud was fried egg white which was left from filling the avocado. The square blue plate contributed to the illusion.

The taste? I have to say it would’ve been better with some bacon or lardon. It was a little too bland for me as it was. This taught me for the right taste never substitute the ingredients in a recipe. But then again, you never know what fun you are missing. 😉