Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Premonition

Hitchcock Presents is that perfect thing when I feel like watching some old-fashioned suspense but don’t want to sit still for more than half hour. And I have to admit I am especially fond of black and white movies (or photographs). These short dramas are often full of twists and (good-looking) people gone mad for desires.

Premonition is one of the first episodes I watched and it remained my favorite. Love the haunting and puzzling feel through out the whole show and the final revelation – so natural yet unexpected at a time. Watching it a second time made me marvel even more at the excellent plotting.

The theme “premonition” is a fascinating one. How many times have we had this weird sensation that intrigues us into something unknown, links us to a mysterious territory of ourselves?


Hand-Embroidered Tea Runners


Wang Yingying (王莹莹) is a young Chinese artist who designs and hand-stitches these tea runners. I was stunned the first time I saw her arts. They took my breath away.
I came across her Weibo site and became one of her followers. Among her daily posts there are many photos shot in the nature showing where she drew her inspiration. I love them as much as her tea runners. Her unique vision brings me back to the China I thought I lost.

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Baked Avocado with An Egg in It

IMG_5008While going through my old photos the other day, I came across this picture which made me giggle.

It all started from the whim of cooking the avocado and the eggs I had left in the fridge. I was lucky enough to have found this recipe of baked eggs in avocado from here. I followed all the steps except the bacon and toast thing. I thought I might substitute them with the mint and tomato I had. And I had this dish for dinner instead of breakfast as most people would do.

The image of a sun-bathing flower just appeared like that, without previous planning. The white cloud was fried egg white which was left from filling the avocado. The square blue plate contributed to the illusion.

The taste? I have to say it would’ve been better with some bacon or lardon. It was a little too bland for me as it was. This taught me for the right taste never substitute the ingredients in a recipe. But then again, you never know what fun you are missing. 😉


Pisa by Night


During our Christmas stay in Italy, we spent a few days in Pizza Pisa, Giacomo’s second home town where he lived ten years for his degrees. It was cold and rainy and free of tourists – by “free” I meant you only got a few herds of people taking pictures here and there, and tables in good restaurants were available if arrived early.

One evening after re-visiting Giacomo’s dormitory where he stayed as a student until a decade ago, we were strolling back towards the hotel in the old town, enveloped in the nostalgic humid air tinted with midnight serenity. That was when we found ourselves in front of the well-lit area where the famous tower resided.

Having seen it multiple times during the day, I was nonetheless stunned by the nightly star. Trees shaped in the Tuscan style appeared in the spotlight as tranced spirits having conversations only audible among them.

While walking around the white giants we found a few students from the same university as Giacomo, probably tipsy in their quiet end-of-semester celebration in front of the tower.


A Simple Lunch

IMG_4812A simple lunch for me alone.

Main dish: egg noodles + peas + chopped green beans + diced carrots.

The noodles and the vegets were boiled separately, then stir-fried together with a little soy sauce and sesame oil.

Side dish: tofu with a French twist = tofu + comté (Bought it from an organic shop)

Usually I love tofu and comté is my favourite cheese. But together… they make a disaster, to say the least.. 😦

But I was very happy with the noodles. 🙂

Spring Is Here: All Is Growing


On this warm and sunny spring day, I started this new blog. I made a header cropped from a photo I took in my neighbourhood, to mark the nourishing energy that is flowing around at this moment. (Although it was hailing in Lyon only a few days ago…)

This morning I repotted a few plants of herbs for cooking – Italian basil, Moroccan mint, and Chinese coriander. Also thrust a few stems of spring onion into the well-watered organic soil we bought from Botanic. Hopefully they will grow strong roots.