Globe Basil’s First Harvest: Spaghetti with Fresh Pesto

Globe Basil's First Harvest: Spaghetti with Fresh Pesto  by Loraloozi

It doesn’t look like a globe before or after the haircut..

Globe Basil's First Harvest: Spaghetti with Fresh Pesto  by Loraloozi

They look a lot but we used the leaves only.

It’s been a while I’m thinking about giving the globe basil a haircut. It’s been having bad hair day every single day for too long. I even found and printed out a recipe of pesto sause from my favorite food master Jamie Oliver. Today I finally got all the ingredients I need. While I found most Jamie Oliver’s recipes easy to follow, in this recipe he uses the unite “handful” which I found rather confusing: whose hand shall I measure with, his or mine? Eventually I used Giacomo’s – to get a better proximity.

Globe Basil's First Harvest: Spaghetti with Fresh Pesto  by Loraloozi

Spaghetti is my favorite pasta so far.

It’s the first time for both Giacomo and me to make pesto from fresh basil leaves, and home grown ones! 😀 Since we don’t have pestle and mortar, and we didn’t want to use the blender, we settled for a bowl and a wooden spoon – it might sound crazy but it worked. The result was great. The native Italian in our family simply loved it. I found it so delicious that I finished the spaghetti in no time, just as him did. To think that two years ago whenever we ate pasta I’d spend twice as much time as him and leave half of the pasta on the plate, I’m really making a lot of progress in my pasta-eating ability.

About the recipe I found the taste of garlic a bit too heavy. It could be that we did not grind the garlic properly – using the wooden spoon, and left small pieces of garlic here and there. I will do it again when we are better equiped.

Globe Basil's First Harvest: Spaghetti with Fresh Pesto by Loraloozi

I like it with plenty of parmesan cheese.

The globe basil is also called Greek basil, or French basil. They usually grow into a neat and pretty globe shape, which my plant did, but it lost the shape as it continued growing vigorously. The leaves are small and pointy. It’s supposed to have a more spicy flavor than the basil more commonly found in Italy, which I blogged about in another post. After tasting it I found globe basil’s taste more “full-bodied”, rather than spicy, than the big-leave basil. The smell is very similar, but taste better. It’s just my personal preference, and it depends a lot on the way we use it. I will experiment with other recipes.


First Harvest of Dill: Salmon Salad with Tagliatelles Spirulina

dill, spring, herb, gardening

First Harvest of Dill

I have been enjoying so much taking care of my aromatic herbal plants and watching them grow that I forget about their originally intended usage. Actually I feel sad when I have to cut a few branches from the plant. However, to help them grow healthier, I collected the outer branches from the dill plants. I decided to make a salmon salad with the handful of dill I have.

dill, spring, herb, gardening

Salmon salad with tagliatelles spirulina

So here is the dish I cooked for dinner last night.

You probably have noticed that on the side I added some boiled pasta. They are tagliatelles spirulina, some couriosity I recently discovered in the local organic shop. Spirulina, from what I understood, is a nutritious dietary supplement made from some seaweed-like spieces originally grown in lakes in Mexico (just as special as the way they look..).

It was the first time I tried this wierd pasta. It tastes nothing special, and I’m not sure about the healthy effect yet. I’m always open to healthy alternatives in food, trying to eat as many different varieties of staple foods as possible – as long as my Chinese stomach doesn’t complain too much!

dill, spring, herb, gardening

The organic salmon I bought from a local grocery store turned out to be much more tasty than any smoked salmon I’ve had before. It was mildly smoky, with a stronger sweet salmon taste. The price is more than twice as much as the non-organic one, but it’s definitely worthy. This salmon salad is the best one I’ve even had, thanks to the home grown dill and the good salmon. In the salad I also added lettuce, radis, cucumber, surimi and avocado.

Now my dill plants look much more energetic, with the new hair cut I gave to them. 😀

Spring Is Here: All Is Growing


On this warm and sunny spring day, I started this new blog. I made a header cropped from a photo I took in my neighbourhood, to mark the nourishing energy that is flowing around at this moment. (Although it was hailing in Lyon only a few days ago…)

This morning I repotted a few plants of herbs for cooking – Italian basil, Moroccan mint, and Chinese coriander. Also thrust a few stems of spring onion into the well-watered organic soil we bought from Botanic. Hopefully they will grow strong roots.