Lip Print Stitch-by-Stitch


lip print

The stitched lip print is one of my favorite original embroidery designs. This one I did a couple of days ago is not perfectly smooth, but the flame is there, I suppose. 😉
Love the strong 3-D effect created by the 6-strand floss. I think that fits perfectly well with the motif. It made everyone want to touch it with their fingers at the craft fair… and I had to shout to stop them. 😀


Picking Up Embroidery Again

photoI used to do a lot of free-hand embroidery. As I’m picking it up after 2 years I wanted to switch to cross-stitch for a change. Now I’m remembering how time-consuming this work is. Cross-stitch looks easy, but it doesn’t save time.

But I definitely love the way it looks. I’ll see where it will take me.

Hand-Embroidered Tea Runners


Wang Yingying (王莹莹) is a young Chinese artist who designs and hand-stitches these tea runners. I was stunned the first time I saw her arts. They took my breath away.
I came across her Weibo site and became one of her followers. Among her daily posts there are many photos shot in the nature showing where she drew her inspiration. I love them as much as her tea runners. Her unique vision brings me back to the China I thought I lost.

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