About this blog:

Here I blog about the enjoyable things in my life, they could be:

– food: my adventures into western cuisine, Chinese food adapted to European life, my experiments of vegetarian and raw dishes…

– my hobbies: old movies, classic novels, hand-embroidery, drawing, planting, etc.

– the nature, or snapshots of things I find interesting

– my travels: “home” is permanently temporary

About me:

Vienne, a little town half hour drive south from Lyon, 2013

Vienne, a small town half hour drive south from Lyon, 2013

I currently live in Lyon, France. Chinese with an Italian husband (Giacomo). Born in the early 80’s, grew up in southern China, lived in Up-state New York, Boston, California, and London briefly. Now in Lyon, the mid-sized inland French city not far from the Alps, life is slow-paced and tranquil. I am learning to fully enjoy every simple pleasure life offers, and have a true grasp of the meaning of joie de vivre. We are calling this place home for a while before we know where we will go next.

Thanks so much for visiting!

I run another blog about my thoughts on books and movies. Check it out if you are interested: http://lorasees.wordpress.com/

– Lora Zhang


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ni hao Lu! I am so happy you have decided to follow my blog, it is really special to me as you are Chinese, and know far more about your home country than I could ever do. But I am really trying to get under the skin of China, visit as many places as I can and learn the language. Because I am much older than most westerners who come here, and because I have had some strokes since I got here, it takes me a bit longer – but I am very determined. 🙂 How lovely to live in Lyon, a city I have visited many times and which has a wonderful food culture. There are times here in China when I think that the French and the Chinese are quite similar in their attitude to food – in both countries ‘on mange a midi’!
    Zai jian.

    • Loraloozi says:

      I always find new things to learn about China myself, especially after I started living in the west. I appreciate your determination in learning such a different language and culture from your own, and more your patience in keeping such a wonderful blog to share your unbiased views about China to other westerners. I hope you enjoy your stay there – maybe you could take advantage of some traditional therapies to ease the stress from living in Beijing? By the way, Beijing is my favorite city in China although I am from the south, but I know it could be very tiring to live there. The life here in Lyon is the polar opposite to that in a way, although I agree with you that both Chinese and French love to enjoy food. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Lora! Thank you for following my blog and for liking my recent post on “sweet potato hash & carmelized onion.” How lucky that you’ve lived in so many amazing places. I’ve lived in Seattle, Utrecht (Netherlands), Manhattan, London, and now San Francisco, but I’ve always wanted a stint in France. I hope you’re making the most of it. I look forward to exploring your site further! -Moira

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