Super Yummy and Healthy No-Bake Brownies

We have made these brownies twice now and every time we just couldn’t have enough of them! I have to share this because it’s so easy to make, and so healthy as a dessert or snack, since it contains mostly nuts, seeds and natural goodies.

raw no bake superfood brownies

Well I have to admit it’s Giacomo who made it. All I did was find out the recipe from a raw-eater/vegan friend. You can find the detailed recipe here.

What he did differently was skip the hemp hearts and use much less of goji berries, because they are relatively difficult to find and usually very expensive. Goji berries (苟杞) are very commonly used in Chinese cuisine and so should be available in most Asian/Chinese grocery stores (besides organic shops). They have a wide range of health benefits. And their taste blends surprisingly well with the rest of the ingredients.

He also skipped the coconut oil.

raw no bake superfood brownies

Another step Giacomo did differently from the recipe is that he mixed the ingredients by hand after adding the dates, simply because the mixture became too sticky for the blender to work properly.

These brownies are so delicious that I wanted to eat all of them at a time. And they are not only guilt-free but also very healthy snacks. Highly recommended!


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